Monday, December 01, 2008

Monday, Monday good to me.....

This will be a very long post we go.

I will start by saying that Thanksgiving for us was wonderful. The weather was mild, our good friends invited us for a fabulous dinner, then tea and pie, topped off with a walk down their long field with kids on ponies, in strollers and running in the muck. What more could you ask for!

For the past two days, the kids and I have been fencing winter paddocks for our ponies and sheep up on the hill. When we cleared four more acres for the paddocks last spring, I had envisioned the fencing complete by August....hehehehe someday I'll figure out that I cannot estimate weights and times correctly. BUT .... the mild days we were blessed with allowed me to drive in a few stakes and run the electric wire without any trouble.

We also cleared the path for our super-fast-high-speed-dangerous-poop-your-pants sled run. ( the kids named it ) as well as the incredibly-slow-boring-mom-said-its-safer bunny slope. Aside from a few stumps that might get in the way, it should be a lot of fun!

As for knitting, I have finished one very large stocking which will be embellished this week, one fingerless mitten that started out as a Christmas ornament ( don't ask), and I finally decided to finish my vest that I started ....ohhhhh, I think maybe a year ago. Now I am anxious to start the sweater I designed this fall. The second fingerless mitten is in the works, but I like to save projects like that for times when I can knit without thinking like waiting at the dentist, ball games and such.

Today is as usual Catchupmonday. I have been paying bills, mailing out calendar and yarn orders, cleaning ( yuck) and making a super huge Turkey soup. Since the weather turned snowy/rainy/sleety/cold, and I managed to get all of my outside chores done over the past few days, I am happy to be "house bound" with catch up tasks.

One last my dear Patriots ... if I can carry two five gallon pails of water down stairs, across an icy driveway,and up a slippery hill, in a snow/sleet storm, and NOT drop them, YOU my dear Patriots, YOU should be able to catch a ball....thats all! :)

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