Saturday, January 26, 2008

Isn't She Lovely !

This is Sally O'Malley. She was created for the Maine Sheep Breeders Association (MSBA) booth during last week's Maine Agricultural Show in Augusta. She was quite a hit.

Susan Perrine created the the hand-woven poncho that Sally is wearing from all Maine wool. Her mittens were knit from Janet Seavey's natural colored wool, and her mobieus was knit by me. Sally was a fun project, as I was creating her, my kids kept saying "Mom...she looks just like you!" Must be the hair! :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter Observations

After work every day I spend a hour or so refreshing water for the sheep. cleaning up poo, feeding, cleaning ... general chores, etc.
The best part of this time spent is observing. Is that one limping? Is that one too thin? Where is Isabella ( those of you who know Isabella know, that she is an escape artist sheep) How am going to set up my lambing pens? Is Pippin smiling at me? Mari...where is your mother? I talk to them as I do chores, or sometimes sing. Joe loves music. No, I am not crazy... he lays in front of the radio in the barn. He enjoys classical, and he only allows Vespa to lay with him in front of the radio.

Sheep establish buddies in the flock. The Columbia's, the giants of the flock, are pushy, the Babydolls are docile, the Romneys are calm and comfortable, and the Border Leicesters are endlessly curious. Belle and Blizzard, both Babydoll-crosses are like teenage girls, they "hang out" together play together and lay together. Both of their moms are off with Joker and the other breeding girls. It will be fun to see them greet each other again in a few months.

I am reading again, refreshing my mind, preparing for lambing. It isn't that far away and I always feel ready until the first little ones arrive. This year I am looking at installing a camera in the barn so I can observe what's happening from the kitchen.