Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dyeing, Dyeing and More Dyeing

I am back in the dye pots today after a weekend of shuffling sheep and cleaning the barn for winter. Angus, our Romney ram who should have been a Romney wether ( long story ) has finally found a great gig on Roque Island. He leaves in October, so I decided to use him with at least two of my ewes maybe three as he has such a classic Romney build and a beautiful fleece, both traits I would like to pass on to my flock.

Before the humidity kicked in last week the heat was perfect for quickly drying freshly dyed yarns, so I took advantage of the suns rays and worked on my supply of yarns for The Common Ground Fair. Over 240 skeins engulfed every inch of my deck, all four drying racks, deck chairs and railings. With kids and hubby off to a weekend fishing derby, I was a free to sprawl my work all over the house!
I am excited to be accepted as a vendor to this year's Common Ground Fair, just not sure what to expect. How much do I bring? Do I need help? Do I camp out or drive home every night? I guess, like everything I do, I'll fly by the seat of my pants and everything will workout. :)With several shows ahead, I will be in the dye pots all this week. I love dyeing with leaves falling all around. The small amount of knitting I have managed to finish is only a drop in the bucket. I have so many plans for the cozy, beautiful, bulky yarns. In fact I am going to try my hand at a design that has floating around in my head for a few weeks. Stay tuned!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Au Natural

Over the past few weeks runs of natural colored yarns have been arriving back from the spinneries. First the Babydoll Bunny Blend, then a portion of our Romney/Mohair ( which has almost sold out ...but more is coming!) Then on Tuesday I picked up the Bulky yarn I have been waiting for so long to have spun.

The Babydoll/Bunny Blend is a beautiful, soft, heathered grey. Our wool is down,the bunny is silky soft. It is a lofty yarn, wonderful for overdyeing , but beautiful as its natural color as well.
The Romney/Mohair is also our farm blend, created from our Romney sheep's fleeces and our Angora goat's Mohair. The addition of mohair to the wool
is just enough as to not make the yarn "over-fuzzy" as mohair can do, but to provide a soft sheen which also over-dyes beautifully! Then came the Bulky yarn. I had been holding off spinning the bulky until the crisp fall air arrived. I think my timing is right -at least here in Maine. This yarn is a real treat to knit with. Using sz 15 needles, I knit up this cowl from one skein in about an hour.

There is a large amount of
Southdown in the yarn so it is super soft. I may actually start and finish a sweater using the Bulky since it knits up so fast! :)

Saturday, August 07, 2010

I am up. It is early and the sun is just peeking over the ridge. The sheep are divided. Some lay quietly munching, chewing, burping up their cud, others are wandering, searching, investigating. I am up. Thinking about the months ahead, excited about the traveling, guilty for leaving kids and farm behind. Knowing it will all be okay, worth it, fun.

I haven't left this farm much in years. A young family, responsibility, building a business, busy, busy life has kept me close to home and though I know my life is about to shift again, I fully embrace it. Doors are closing, but many more are opening, some just waiting for me to be brave enough, strong enough, excited enough to reach out and turn their knobs.

When your mind is full of thoughts, and ideas, not just the ones that get you through the day, but the ideas that come from inspiring objects, places and events, and when you are a person who finally allows yourself to let them consume you, a smile starts in the center of your face. It spreads like vines to not only turn up the corners of your mouth, but to pull your whole face upward. It pulls your spirit upward. And if that smile won't go away, when you are standing in a place of beauty, taking it all in, blocking out the noise and world around you, centered,

focused, you are me. You know what it is like when

your spirit is fulfilled. A creative mind and spirit needs to be recognised, not put away because life is to

busy and does not have time for it.

It will fight to be heared, felt and used. Free.