Monday, December 08, 2008


I have owned several horses in my lifetime. Reluctantly I sold two of them to very nice homes after finally giving into not having enough time for them.
I was discussing with a friend the other day how neither one of us became what we thought we would be when we "grew up". I, had I had the courage, would have gone on to college to study architectecture and design, but I chose a different path that combined my love of art with my love of animals. If only I had known then what I know now, things might have been different.
Maybe I would have made my fortune as a home designer and had enough money to build my dream barn, with a heated tack room and an art studio in the loft. Oh life is good, and working harder for the things I need in my opinion have made me a very determined, go-getter...oh yes and I am told stubborn.

I worked for a very fancy dressage stable for a while when I was younger. The horses were beautiful, yet so pampered that they were fragile. The ladies who came in to ride were perfect in every way. Fancy this, fancy that.... I left after a few months of trying to please people who had it all but were so unhappy with their lives.

I saw the other side of the horse world at a harness racing stable. The job started with caring for five horses, then at one point 18. They were sad souls, I saw it in their eyes. I can see in most animals, their happiness and their pain . I fret more over my animals than most folks, they are my other children ...I am their shepherdess.
The picture above is of our young pony L.T. He is just a year and a half, and I have watched his eyes soften as he has adjusted to living with us. His fear and caution have given away to curiosity and joy. He follows me around like a puppy, watching my every move, pulling things from my pockets, and stealing my tools. He and I go on long walks in the woods accompanied by three dogs. He pushes his head close to me when he is afraid. It is an amazing feeling to be so connected with this beautiful little creature.

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