Thursday, October 30, 2008


I used to think that the person who invented black licorice was the most brilliant person on earth. My father in-law once brought me black licorice from Iceland ( although I would have preferred an Icelandic pony ). It was strong, unique and delicious! Although my tastes have changed over the years, my mouth always waters when I think of that package that only lasted about a week. :)

Not many folks like the strong flavor of black licorice. It has a uniqueness all of it's own. I like that. I'd like to think that I have that too. I hate copy-cats.

When you work hard to create your own image, when you express yourself as you, when you are honest, true and sincere about the life you have chosen, when you take pride in what you create. It is very hard to watch people copy you. This has been happening to me for a long time. A person, who even has the same first name as me, continues to be unable to have the creativity to be herself.

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then why does this make me ill. I'll tell you why. Because I would be embarrassed if anyone confused me with her.

So I, in an effort to remain uniquely me, I will change my blog background and layout that I chose two years ago, since she has now taken as well. I am sure that she will continue to steal my image, my style and worst of all my words ..... I am NOT her ... just me, someone she could never be.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Whew! What a whirlwind of tasks and trips, and you name it over the past week. I left for Rhienbeck N.Y. last Friday, to judge fleeces at the New Youk Sheep and Wool Festival. I have to say, it was a good thing I did not take a trailer, as I would have come home with a few new additions! What beautiful Romneys! I did gather up a few business cards and will be contacting a few folks for some possible new lines in the spring.

My favorite fella at the show was a giant Rambouilett ram named Lucky. The kind gentleman that owned him was also a favorite of mine. Both of them were gentle giants. The sweet man who truly loved his sheep, was over six feet with a gentle hand, and it was evident that his demeanor was appreciated by his sheep. They too were calm and relaxed. I love folks like that! Kindness is so admirable.

I was quite well behaved with my spending. I was drawn to a handwoven African basket when I arrived. It was a one-of-a-kind that I had to have is half full of yarn already! So funny to go to a place that sells such beautiful yarn and not need to buy any. I did though .... some beautiful mohair/cormo lamb . :)

I have to toot my own horn . My felted farm sign took First Place in the Felted category at the fleece competition. It is Joe, made from Joe. I needle felted his beautiful silver locks to make his body and then used Babydoll for his face. The white border and lettering is Judy, my Suffolk.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2009 Calendars

Well .... they are off to the printers! They were a delight to put together this year. I have included some of the older girls as well as some of the new. Oh, yes, and after many "Why isn't Romeo in your calendar?" inquiries ...he is Mr. December! :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Done Atlast!

My head feels like it might explode at any minute. My kids brought me a nasty head cold. Is that fair to blame them? Seems like the second school starts for the year, one of them is sniffling and snuffling. So yes, I blame the germ magnets. :)

Being sick forces me to finish projects. The poncho I have been knitting for a quarter century ... okay that's a bit of an exaggeration ... was finally finished last night. I brought a few unfinished projects out to the couch this morning, planning to work on them, but the beautiful day called to me and I went up to the barn. I raked, and coughed, and sneezed, and scratched a few heads, fixed a door hinge, sneezed some more, was stung by a hornet, fed the rabbits, then decided to come in for some tea.

I am wrapped in my beautiful, super warm poncho, pleased with myself for not laying on the couch all day. :) Now I should take out my spinning wheel, but my head feels clearer outside, and I have a pony to train. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel more like myself.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

New Life

Friday one of our silkie hens hatched three eggs. By late afternoon we had four little black chicks and two eggs. By Sat morning we had four little black chicks and one little brown speckled chick. This morning that one egg still remains unhatched, yet that mother hen guards it with her life.

I think eggs are one of the most amazing things. A gooey, slimy mass can become life. A miracle? Science? Who knows. All life is a miracle if you ask me.

I brought home a pony this week. He is only a yearling, full of life and curiosity. When I walked him into the paddock, our old pony was very curious. They touched noses and squealed, they pawed the ground and then ....she walked away and rejoined the sheep. If ponies could cry I think he would have. His little face, that still has a baby look, looked confused and he rubbed his head against my arm. I comforted him and brought Romeo into keep him company while he adjusted to his new surroundings. He is new life on our farm. He will not be lonely with three kids who can't keep their hands off him. :) In a few days I will put both ponies together in a new paddock. He is recovering from being castrated so he needs to remain calm. I think he will be good for her and they will become good friends. I am not sure he will convince her though that she really isn't a sheep.