Sunday, May 23, 2010

Well, it has been back to "work" this week. Over the past few weeks I have been gathering, sorting, skirting fleeces, and putting together blends of fiber. Last week I picked up 400 lbs of beautiful wool from several local, Maine producers and next week another 1000 lbs will be delivered to our farm for sorting.
Our own Romney fleeces and mohair were delivered a while back to Green Mountain Spinnery and should be arriving soon. Fresh paint, a new window and ceiling are being finished in our yarn shop, and sheep are being shuffled around for the summer months. I guess saying "back to work" sounds a little silly.:) Our new Sweet Maine Feet Yarns have been a big hit. This pair of socks was knit using the color Strawberry Jam. It is a light worsted weight 100% Maine wool yarn, that I have hand-dyed in some funky, eye-popping colors. This past spring, I found a sock pattern in an old cook book that had once belonged to my grandmother. After deciphering, tweaking and rewriting the pattern, a friend knit a test run of the socks and they turned out beautifully. With out even knowing the pattern existed, this yarn was spun. Funny how life works out sometimes.I have put the yarns into a kit with enough yardage for 2 pairs of socks, the pattern, needles and a few yards of nylon which can be knit into the cuffs to help with the elasticity of the socks. This kit will be one of several that I will be bringing to the Maine Fiber Frolic which is fast approaching. These kits are designed with a few folks in mind .... my traveling friends who take the time to stop in each summer. I also put my Shepherdess Scarf into a kit, as well as my Shepherdess mittens and the ever popular Joe Romney Bag. Each kit is R.T.K ...Ready To Knit with all needed needles and notions.

Speaking of the Frolic, This year I will be setting up on the lawn rather than in the barn. My buddy Hercules will be joining me with one of my Romney lambs. This is such a great festival that continues to grow each year but still remains a small and "cozy" event.

And speaking of events ...there is a HUGE Knitting Event taking place this august ...more info soon, I promise.
On a not so nice note. I have finally had to start taking the steps to legally copyright all of my work ..including my logo and tag line. Seems the person who cannot come up with her own ideas is after my tag line now. It is against the law to copy other people's work ....not to mention shameful.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

This OPEN HOUSE is for the dogs ..and cats.

It is time for our Annual Spring OPEN HOUSE! Twice a year we hold these events to showcase freshly dyed yarns for the season, to "show off" our spring lambs or beautiful growing fall fleeces, and to help out our local Animal Shelters by collecting dog & cat food at our farm.
We encourage visitors to bring bags and cans of Pedigree Dog Food and Friskies Cat Food when they visit, we in turn will take $5 OFF any purchase from our Yarn Shop and will deliver donations to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter in Edgecomb.
The Mighty Hercules ( pictured above) encourages you to bring a friend. Our goal this year is to fill the back of our Yukon to overflowing.
Please join us on May 15th & 16th from 11-4.