Friday, November 09, 2007

Calendars are in!!!!!

The UPS man just drove in with my calendars!!! So for those of you who have ordered and are waiting patiently for them I will be mailing them out on Monday.
Here is a sneak peek. :)

Thank You!!


What a week!

I have been looking forward to this looooooong weekend since Monday! :) I am sitting at my desk sharing crackers with the newest member of our farm....Cusco! This fall we lost or sweet little Guinea pig, and I have really missed that little squeek-squeek-squeek for months. Soooo last Tuesday morning, on my way to my business class, I stopped at the local feed store for grain ... I knew better than to go look at the rabbits, and hamsters, birds and fish....for who should I spy in the corner, but this little cutie! So I brought him home.

I am till planning to put my rambunctious ram in with my girls this weekend...I am only a week late! And.....we finally have some progress getting this darn barn erected. Just call me "SUPER-NAG", cause, boy I have earned that name!

Now it is time to go put hay away before it gets dark.

It is movie night at our house and I cannot wait to sink into that sofa with a blanket and a cup of tea.