Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Well ...terrific! ...with all of this rain.

My garden is happy to drink in all of nature's goodness, the peas are far reaching, and the broccoli is huge. We are eating lettuces and soon celery and peas. I accidentally went overboard with the acorn squash again... it will need more room to reach it's twisted long arms around the fences and to climb up the trees that border my garden. Last year a could not wait to eat it and picked a few too soon...they were delicious! I do not want to rush summer ( if it ever comes ) but I am looking forward to those delectable fruits of my labor! Last night I cut and cooked some broccoli, today I am making quiche with it and the beautiful eggs my chickens give me. MMMMMM summer.

Yesterday I dyed around 120 skeins of yarn. I was filling an order from a yarn shop in Lubec. They have chosen some beautiful dark shades of blues and greens and that always popular spicy brown. I started on a second order and then a third. The plan was to dye all one color to fill orders then go to the next and so on and so on .... but I could not help myself! I started up two more pots and went a little coo-coo! The fourth order was a special request of colors. The customer requested I create combinations of colors for their order ...and best of all said " go nuts!" So I did and I will continue today and all next week, dyeing from my shop, and for orders from others. Yippeee!

The recent Yarn -Of-The-Month fundraiser went very well. I donated the proceeds to The Dachshund Rescue of America. I chose two Doxies to adopt, but my husband pointed out how upset Pirate would get. He is probably right, but maybe I could take one for a "sleep over" and see how Pirate does with it. I think he would enjoy someone his size to play with. Someday I would like a herd of Doxies running around my yard ....someday.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pictures a re worth a thousand words I'll try not to say too much!

Well, it was another dreary day in the neighborhood of make believe. I have been on the phone and computer way too much since I returned from the Fiber Frolic. There is so much raking and cleaning up to do from mucking out the paddocks. So in between downloads and waiting for calls to be returned, I weeded my garden, and began raking, and raking, and raking. Of Course I was distracted and had to go in with the woolies and take a few pictures.
Tomday was VERY curious about the camera. He cautiously approached then stole my lens cap! The little stinker! He has taken Lyra's place as the pest of the paddock. As usual Lyra was too close to take a picture of, she is still my baby and needed to be a close as possible without crawling into my pocket.
Mike is growing into his handsome self. He is now known as Handsome Mike. I suppose he will take Joe's place one of these days. He is so calm and has this very sweet look about him. Old Joe continues to hold the biggest place in my heart. He is 10 now and continues to be a strong healthy boy, but I fear his teeth are getting quite worn down and he is spoiled with a mash I make for him everyday. I hope to have a few good long years ahead with him.
Angus, Mike's twin has such a different look about him he is also very sweet and calm. Sometimes I have to watch to be sure he gets his share of food, He is so non aggressive.
Priscilla is just beautiful. Her stout little body is like a loaf of bread. She has her mothers eyes.

For a brief moment the sun did shine today ....look at my garlic! It is over 4 feet tall!And last but not least. I took a few pictures of my shop. I have moved things around a bit, so it seems bigger and not to cluttered. Come visit soon!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fiber Frolic

Last weekend, I spent a lovely two days "frolicking" as a vendor at The Maine Fiber Frolic. Saturday I worked at the Annual Maine Sheep Breeders Association Wool Pool. 8,000 pounds of Maine grown wool was sorted and bagged by breed and type - fine medium or coarse. Yesterday, I delivered the last of the wool to the washing facility in Waldoboro. WHEW! That's a lot of wool! After washing, the wool will be spun into various weights of yarn, some 100% wool, some blends, and some will be carded into roving for spinning.

Best of all, the wool is from Maine, it will be available as finished product at a wholesale price. Many yarn shops in Maine New Hampshire, and VT are already planning to carry this line of 100% Maine-grown yarn. I am proud and excited to be a part of this process!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Yesterday I Was Inspired .....

Yesterday met someone who inspired me.

This person, with a big smile, adventurous heart, and beautiful outlook on life, shared her life adventures with me. She is an artist, an author, and like me, at one point, she was a stay-at-home mother who ran a farm, and a successful business. We shared stories of our children, and how we make it all work in the many roles we play. We laughed at the frustrations of those children, the animals, and of running a business, and shared solutions and ideas that make the ride a bit smoother. Thanks Elaine! I am excited and ready to get this project started! ( wink, wink) ....I will see you next week!

Each spring as I travel around, the lupine and vast array of summer flowers, beckon me to paint. I used to paint when I was younger, mostly watercolor, some acrylic, sometimes I would sketch in pastels. It always made my heart full when I created. It still does, but I don't paint enough anymore. It is something I intend to change this summer.

Today I will finish up preparing for The Maine Fiber Frolic. Each year, I have a booth beside my good friend Betty Stover of Spinakees' Farm. We have decided we are never in competition with each other, but rather that we compliment each other ...although I do tend to win the bigger ribbons ...right Betty? Hahaha ..I love you Betty!

This is weekend I also manage the Maine Sheep Breeders Association Wool Pool. Many good Maine Shepherds "pool" their wool and sell it to the highest bidder. This year myself and Claudia Reassler of Royal River Alpacas, were the highest bidders. Claudia will be blending her portion with Maine grown alpaca to create a beautiful blended yarn , and my portion will be spun into 100% grown in Maine, hand-dyed, wool yarns. Both yarns are available wholesale.

You can learn more on my website or better yet ...come visit me this weekend at the Frolic!

And ...if you visit the Sheep Barn, take part in the Knit-In. There will be a table set up with donated yarns from Maine farms for visitors to knit 4X4 squares that will be combined into a blanket, which will be raffled off in the fall. The money will support youth programs for kids who are involved in shepherding. Hope to see you there!