Sunday, December 07, 2008

First Snowfall

I awoke this morning to the most beautiful snowfall. It must have started in the wee hours, as the fluff was less than an inch thick. It was that first frosting of the season, the now bare trees were outlined in white. The air smelled so fresh and clean, and there were "warm spots" in the paddock where each sheep had lay during the night.

I grabbed my camera as I headed out to do morning chores. The lighting is always perfect during snowfall. Please enjoy the new photos in my Flickr account by clicking on the badge to the right. I am sure I will be adding more in a few days.

It was a busy/lazy day. The temps were mild, so I was able to fill water buckets from the outside spicket. No need to shovel since this storm was only a dusting.
Three very desperate-to-sled kids spent the morning trying to find enough snow to glide gracefully over. They did manage to make a few runs in a mixed snow/leaf covered path.

I have learned over the years to get my winter chores done early, before that first snow falls especially raking up leaves and hay where I will eventually be shoveling. Yesterday I located all of the snow shovels, found a bucket of salt, and pounded in a few stakes where the fence seemed like it could use a little extra strength...well the truth to the fence story goes like this.

Four days ago I moved two ewes from the front paddock, leaving my ram, Joker, with the two ponies.

Three days ago finished the "Hill" paddock and decided to bring the ponies up to enjoy the dry ground and more room to run during the day. I brought Joker some grain and hay to keep him occupied while the ponies were away ...which left him all alone ..... of course he broke out.

Two days ago I was sitting at the table helping my son with his homework, when I happened to look up in time to see Joker smashing through a new spot in the old fence.

One day ago I mucked out the pony's run in and Joker's shelter, anticipating today's storm ....the newly smashed in section of the old fence was now newly patched and replaced for the winter, but seeing the look of desire in his eyes I decided to reinforce my patch job. A new fence will go on the list of things to do come well as a ram pen for my very strong little love-muffin.

Tonight the snow has stopped falling. Aside from the sound of the snowplows, it is silent and cozy. The knitting I had planned to work on is waiting for me. I knit to the thumb on my second fingerless mitten last night while enjoying good friends and a bottle of Merlot.

Tomorrow brings yarn and calendar orders to be mailed out, finishing up a design job, and shopping for a new pair of boots for my Sam who grew considerably during the summer.

But for now I am enjoying the peace.

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