Friday, December 19, 2008

Thaw duck ... cook at 350 degrees for two hours

Last week a new duck arrived at our farm. She had been found down by the river near Reed & Reed, the large crane and construction business. After agreeing over the phone to give her a home here, she was delivered and introduced to our three Pekins. My worry was that my girls would be mean to her, but the seemed uninterested in her and let her eat with them.

By late afternoon, I could not find her then ... ring ring ....the phone is full!

"Hi Kelly, it's your neighbor Tracy, I think one of your ducks is here ....sitting on the roof of my car! "

I zipped up to Tracy's and sure enough, the new duck was resting quietly on one of the roof racks of her car! When I walked over to pick her up, she flew away. I shrugged my shoulders and headed home. What more could I do?

The next morning, she was sitting on the roof of the duck and chicken shed a.k.a The Cluck & Duck Inn. Now, keep in mind, little fat Pekin Ducks cannot fly so this was all new to me. She made herself at home all day and then by night fall she was no where to be found.

This continued for a few days until one morning I noticed the cars driving by my house were slowing down. A quick head count of dogs and I was out the door. Sure enough, there she sat, in the middle of the road, caked in ice, on one foot, head in wing. I scooped her up and brought her in, lit the stove in the basement, and set her in a box by the fire. Oooooo the lengths I go to.....

The duck, now named Qu'vack ( remember Hagar the Horrible's duck ? ) spent last night in the Cluck & Duck last night for the first time. It did not stop her from going to the pond this morning and once again stopping traffic, but I think she might be starting to feel at home.


Anonymous said...

Clip her wing feathers and she can't fly. It will make her much easier to keep track of.

Kelly said...

Can't ..if she won't go in at night it is her only defense.:)