Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Chores

It is a dreary week. Thanlfully the changing leaves brighten it up around here. Last week we finished the new roof on the barn, and within hours it began to rain ... and rain ... and rain... Evey sheep and the pony were cozied into the fresh straw bedding where they stayed for a few days. The ground has become much like mud season again and I prefer to keep their feet dry.

Yesterday I worked in the garden again, cleaning up the long vines from the acorn squash. One vine had "snaked" around the backside of the compost pile. I followed it to the end and found four more squash! Two of them were a little squishy, so I smashed them and fed them to the sheep. It was good to get outside and work as I had been on the computer most of the morning finishing the last pages of my 2009 calendar. I'll post some pics of the pages on my website today.

Hardly a day goes by that I don't see perfect photos to take. Yesterday I carried my camera around as I worked outside. After filling the garden cart with vines, I sat down with Katie and Sam. It is nearly impossible to take a picture of Katie as she immediately wants to crawl into my lap. I put a chair in the paddock and kept to one side of it and finally got a shot of her. She is a porky little girl. enjoying very little competition for food in the back paddock.

Her fleece, as well as Sam's is gorgeous! Little tight curls on top of a crimpy, dense, lofty fleece. I will make something special for myself from these special little sheep.


Kathleen said...

They are adorable! Congratulations on finishing the roof. I hope to make it into the shop this fall when we're up in Bath, baby in tow (I was in this summer, pregnant, and bought the last of your dyed millspun yarn from last year - a pretty green color).

Laurie said...

Oh my! Those are sweet sheep! Love all the photos of your animals.