Friday, September 12, 2008

Summer Comes To An End

Today I gave in to mom-nature and admitted .... summer is over. The garden is just about done for the season. It was bountiful to say the least. My friend Pam came over this morning and helped harvest the last of the acorn squash, cukes and lettuce. There were still a few green tomatoes, peppers and beets I decided to give a little longer to ripen. We have avoided the frost so far, but our neighbors to the north in the mountains and valleys got a touch last night.

Yesterday I walked up on the newly cleared land accompanied by 19 sheep and two goats. As we reached the top of the hill, they dispersed and began eating everything green in sight. I always dreamed of a vast field for them, but the rocky hill surrounded by woods is so beautiful. And they are beautiful. It causes me to waste time when I go on walks with them. I left Joker and two ewes behind, as well as three lambs. I could hear them calling and felt bad, but the nights are cool and he is anxious for " a piece of the girls". He may have already bred the two Columbias. A bit early, but I expect they will be quite hardy babies and we can let them lamb in the barn. Ohhhhhh ......I am thinking about babies already! :)

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