Thursday, September 04, 2008

Color! Color!! Crazy Color!!!

White beckons me to change it. White is beautiful ... in the winter....on a sheep... on a ice cream cone covered with chocolate ... well you get the picture. White wool, white roving, white yarn ... now that needs a little help from me.

I like to try different colors that you would never imagine blending together. Reds, pinks, browns, purples ....oh I just go nuts!

This past week, I have had several lovely ladies visit my shop and take their time choosing colors. It is so fun to see what colors they mix together. Some lay skeins side by side, then change their position until they see what they have envisioned the yarn to be. Some pick shades of the same color, and some just pile colors on the counter and when I ask what they will make, they smile and say ... "I have no idea!". I love it! One lady told me the yarn tells her what to make it into when she gets it home! I believe that is true. I really liked her, she did not laugh when I told her that Romeo talks to me.... It's true you know.

Okay .... off to spin this crazy roving. :)

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