Sunday, October 05, 2008

New Life

Friday one of our silkie hens hatched three eggs. By late afternoon we had four little black chicks and two eggs. By Sat morning we had four little black chicks and one little brown speckled chick. This morning that one egg still remains unhatched, yet that mother hen guards it with her life.

I think eggs are one of the most amazing things. A gooey, slimy mass can become life. A miracle? Science? Who knows. All life is a miracle if you ask me.

I brought home a pony this week. He is only a yearling, full of life and curiosity. When I walked him into the paddock, our old pony was very curious. They touched noses and squealed, they pawed the ground and then ....she walked away and rejoined the sheep. If ponies could cry I think he would have. His little face, that still has a baby look, looked confused and he rubbed his head against my arm. I comforted him and brought Romeo into keep him company while he adjusted to his new surroundings. He is new life on our farm. He will not be lonely with three kids who can't keep their hands off him. :) In a few days I will put both ponies together in a new paddock. He is recovering from being castrated so he needs to remain calm. I think he will be good for her and they will become good friends. I am not sure he will convince her though that she really isn't a sheep.

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