Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tomato pie ... tomato sauce... tomato slasa ...tomato jam...

Okay, that last post makes me sound a little mad that so many folks love my little Katie. I sounded a little selfish .... sooooooo I will gladly share her with visitors, just remember she stays here when you leave! :):)

Speaking of sharing ... take a look at all the tomatoes I have been blessed with! I have shared quite a few ( eaten quite a few more ) as "off the vine", in salsa, tomato jam, and today a marinara sauce. I'd love some new ideas as to what I can make with these tasty beauties. I also have quite a bountiful crop of cukes. They have been sliced and eaten in vinegar by all of my kids. Seems to be their favorite way to eat them and no one has complained yet.

So for those of you who wonder who won The Goat vs. Human Garden Battle of 2008 ... I think I can safely say MEEEEE!!!!!! Sorry Romeo. ;)

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