Saturday, November 28, 2009

Little Old Ladies

This past week my 88 year old grandmother had her 6th heart attack. She is a tough Maine woman- out living her husband, losing a son to cancer, working into her golden years while raising her family.
She made the best molasses cookies in the whole wide world, her lemon meringue pie was a half a mile high, and her angle food cake made the angels sing. I made the trek to Machias Hospital -5 hours away, to see her expecting it would be my last visit ...two days later they released her. She is one tough cookie.

The day I got home, my good friend and fellow conspirator, Tammy Doughty DVM called wanting me to come a take a look at a little old Doxie that she had just performed surgery on. She was a shelter dog and it seemed such a shame to send her back to the shelter after loosing 15 teeth. So I thought that maybe I could foster her for a few days until she recovered and look for a home for her in the mean time ...yeah right.

Of course I cautiously introduced the her to my gaggle of dogs. Pirate, my own Dachshund, was not super happy about our guest but he warmed up to the idea after he realized that she was eating canned soft and yummy food and that if he looked sad enough Mom would give him some too. I warned the kids not to pick her up or get in her face, but by the end of two days, she was begging to be picked up, loved and cuddled ..she came to the perfect house.
Sometimes you don't have to think about things, they just feel right and make your heart grow bigger like the Grinch's heart when he felt the true meaning of love. I would never have considered taking an older dog into my home for my own selfish reason of not being able to let it go when the time came. But taking this little dog back to the shelter is not an option. So welcome dog #4 - weenie #2 ...welcome Puddin'.
December's Yarn Share is ready for shipping. The colors are perfect for the season. You can order on our website if you like. Yarn Shares being sent a gifts will be wrapped and include a card.
Looking to the week ahead, I will be delivering yarn orders, teaching a needle felting class, working on some rug hooking designs, and hopefully getting my garlic planted. Hopefully mom nature will freeze the ground soon so my sheep can get a break from the mud ...after I plant my garlic.:)

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shortoldlady said...

Thank you for such a wonderful act of kindness (you have me crying here at work)! That cuddling picture says it all! Best of everything to you and your family.