Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Cool, Crisp ...Ahhhhhh.

Yea for the sun this week. So far adjusting to the time change has been easy and in my favor, I am waking up too soon ( though my body tells me it is 5 a.m. ...the clock says 4 a.m.) but I am enjoying watching the sun creep up over the ridge. The sun has changed course now and in turn, I need to reconfigure my dyeing and drying techniques.

The deck on our house, where I do all of my drying, faces south and in the summer and early fall some afternoons it is unbearable to sit out there. It makes for excellent drying though. Now the sun is lower in the sky and the few hours I do get are far from enough to wisk the moisture from my freshly dyed skeins. Time to adapt and overcome my husband says.

I've been dyeing a few new colors this week. A deep dark blue and a brilliant violet. Both will be added to my website today. They are the same generous 245 yard/4oz skeins ...they are just beautiful pared together. I am also changing the way the monthly yarn share works. Even though I thought it would be fun for members to open up a package, not knowing what was inside, I have had a number of requests from folks to see the colors before they buy, and I can understand that. So, I will put a picture of the monthly share on the very bottom of the page, that way you have a choice in case you do want to keep it a surprise.:)

I am enjoying the cool crisp weather, but I have a few not-so-happy critters waiting at the gate to go up on the hill. My land is posted, but I don't dare let them out. "Big Tall Sheep" may look a bit like a deer ...well maybe not head on.:)Funny how the leaves are released early from the maples and those oaks hang on with all their might against the winds and rains. Some outlast the fall and winter, then finally new buds must push the elderly leaves to their death. I have so much energy at the end of the day, even when I have been up since the crack of dawn. I sat in the doorway of the barn this afternoon and breathed in the fresh, crisp air with Junior. His 5 minute ear massage turned into about a 20 minute ear massage. Unfortunately I forgot my camera in the house, or you would be looking at some great pictures of Mike and Angus playing king of the mountain.

While taking pictures of some new scarves today, I had a little help from L.T. Funny how much help you can get when you just don't need it.:)

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