Friday, November 13, 2009

Wool Boogers

On the top of my list today was the task of clipping off wool boogers. What are wool boogers you ask? Well, Mike here has a few, little clumps of wool that has become felted little balls due to moisture and agitation. They seem to form around they eyes, the corners of the mouth, and sometimes under the chin. They cause no harm, but when you are known as Handsome Mike, wool boogers on your face are rather unsightly get the idea.

There is no denying he was given the absolute perfect name -Handsome Mike. Just look at his perfect little Romney self. He is shy but not afraid. Sweet like old Joe and different from his brother Angus who is more brave and bold. He is in the "boys" pen with Angus and Junior, Joe and the N.Y. goats. Here he can eat without too much competition and continue to grow. Speaking of the N.Y. goats Here is Silvio. And here is Paulie Walnuts. I spent a little time with them today as well, trimming feet and clipping a few matts from between their front legs. I should have clipped them when I brought them home, but it was cold and rainy and they are such sensitive little creatures. So I'll keep them trimmed up, and wait until spring to get my hands on those beautiful locks.
The UPS man came today and delivered the calendars! I have just finished packaging them up and will be mailing out orders tomorrow. Again ....Handsome Mike is this year's "cover boy" ....isn't he just wonderful?


kristi said...

Yes, I agree that Mike is quite handsome, as a matter of fact so handsome that I think he is sealing the idea of adding a Romney too my flock of sheep:) I hope your little guy with the cast is doing better too! I always enjoy reading about your sheep!

Lauren Simone said...

It was so great to visit you on veterans' day! I think a new scarf is in order with that beautiful green yarn. Thanks for the tour!

Kelly said...

Handsome Mike is adorable! I just bought 2 Romney sheep. Come on over & see them!