Friday, December 11, 2009

And The Winner Is ....

They day just about got by me when I realized that today is the 15th!

So I pulled out the names of all of the kind folks who have bought calendars so far this year and let my kids pull out two names .... the winners of the 5 skeins of Romney Ridge Farm yarn!

Congratulations to Catherine Chouinard of Massachusetts and Ira Dearing of California!
Ladies, I will do my best to get your yummy yarn in the mail tomorrow!
Yes I know know of these pictures are of yarn ....but aren't these ladies just beautiful?

I am a winner this week as well. My good friend Martha has given me two of her beautiful Romneys least for the winter. I am so happy to have them and I think they are quite happy to be here.
Speaking of being happy, look at Miss Puddin'. She certainly has made herself home here. It is a good thing that my own dogs are so calm and easy going about new members of this family. Max is sharing his favorite "red couch" with little Puddin'.
Looks like to cold air will be back in place for tomorrow. The snow and ice is actually welcome if you ask me. The mud has been just horrible almost like a fall mud season. Now if I can just keep upright while feeding and carrying water buckets!:)


Suzanne said...

How great of you to give Puddin such a wonderful home. Both pics, the one with your child and the one with your other dog are soooo sweet.
Merry Christmas to you and yours and thanks again for the calendars.

Anonymous said...

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