Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Yesterday I Was Inspired .....

Yesterday met someone who inspired me.

This person, with a big smile, adventurous heart, and beautiful outlook on life, shared her life adventures with me. She is an artist, an author, and like me, at one point, she was a stay-at-home mother who ran a farm, and a successful business. We shared stories of our children, and how we make it all work in the many roles we play. We laughed at the frustrations of those children, the animals, and of running a business, and shared solutions and ideas that make the ride a bit smoother. Thanks Elaine! I am excited and ready to get this project started! ( wink, wink) ....I will see you next week!

Each spring as I travel around, the lupine and vast array of summer flowers, beckon me to paint. I used to paint when I was younger, mostly watercolor, some acrylic, sometimes I would sketch in pastels. It always made my heart full when I created. It still does, but I don't paint enough anymore. It is something I intend to change this summer.

Today I will finish up preparing for The Maine Fiber Frolic. Each year, I have a booth beside my good friend Betty Stover of Spinakees' Farm. We have decided we are never in competition with each other, but rather that we compliment each other ...although I do tend to win the bigger ribbons ...right Betty? Hahaha ..I love you Betty!

This is weekend I also manage the Maine Sheep Breeders Association Wool Pool. Many good Maine Shepherds "pool" their wool and sell it to the highest bidder. This year myself and Claudia Reassler of Royal River Alpacas, were the highest bidders. Claudia will be blending her portion with Maine grown alpaca to create a beautiful blended yarn , and my portion will be spun into 100% grown in Maine, hand-dyed, wool yarns. Both yarns are available wholesale.

You can learn more on my website or better yet ...come visit me this weekend at the Frolic!

And ...if you visit the Sheep Barn, take part in the Knit-In. There will be a table set up with donated yarns from Maine farms for visitors to knit 4X4 squares that will be combined into a blanket, which will be raffled off in the fall. The money will support youth programs for kids who are involved in shepherding. Hope to see you there!

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Three Bags Full said...

Hi Kelly!

It was great to catch up with you a bit at the Fiber Frolic on Saturday! Your yarn is as beautiful as ever - so rich and vibrant.

Not sure if this is the best way to post my link - but here it is: - for my handmade, beaded project bags.

I promise to stop by the farm next time I'm going through Wiscasset. I'd love to meet all the animals in person that I see on my calendar every day!