Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pictures a re worth a thousand words I'll try not to say too much!

Well, it was another dreary day in the neighborhood of make believe. I have been on the phone and computer way too much since I returned from the Fiber Frolic. There is so much raking and cleaning up to do from mucking out the paddocks. So in between downloads and waiting for calls to be returned, I weeded my garden, and began raking, and raking, and raking. Of Course I was distracted and had to go in with the woolies and take a few pictures.
Tomday was VERY curious about the camera. He cautiously approached then stole my lens cap! The little stinker! He has taken Lyra's place as the pest of the paddock. As usual Lyra was too close to take a picture of, she is still my baby and needed to be a close as possible without crawling into my pocket.
Mike is growing into his handsome self. He is now known as Handsome Mike. I suppose he will take Joe's place one of these days. He is so calm and has this very sweet look about him. Old Joe continues to hold the biggest place in my heart. He is 10 now and continues to be a strong healthy boy, but I fear his teeth are getting quite worn down and he is spoiled with a mash I make for him everyday. I hope to have a few good long years ahead with him.
Angus, Mike's twin has such a different look about him he is also very sweet and calm. Sometimes I have to watch to be sure he gets his share of food, He is so non aggressive.
Priscilla is just beautiful. Her stout little body is like a loaf of bread. She has her mothers eyes.

For a brief moment the sun did shine today ....look at my garlic! It is over 4 feet tall!And last but not least. I took a few pictures of my shop. I have moved things around a bit, so it seems bigger and not to cluttered. Come visit soon!


Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Can Angus come live with us at The Loopy Ewe? We want him. :-)

We DO have your gorgeous sheep pillows here on the couches at Loopy Central. It reminds us of all of you at Romney Ridge every day!

Lisa said...

Your garlic looks fantastic!! Mine is not fairing as well. We need more sun.