Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Well ...terrific! ...with all of this rain.

My garden is happy to drink in all of nature's goodness, the peas are far reaching, and the broccoli is huge. We are eating lettuces and soon celery and peas. I accidentally went overboard with the acorn squash again... it will need more room to reach it's twisted long arms around the fences and to climb up the trees that border my garden. Last year a could not wait to eat it and picked a few too soon...they were delicious! I do not want to rush summer ( if it ever comes ) but I am looking forward to those delectable fruits of my labor! Last night I cut and cooked some broccoli, today I am making quiche with it and the beautiful eggs my chickens give me. MMMMMM summer.

Yesterday I dyed around 120 skeins of yarn. I was filling an order from a yarn shop in Lubec. They have chosen some beautiful dark shades of blues and greens and that always popular spicy brown. I started on a second order and then a third. The plan was to dye all one color to fill orders then go to the next and so on and so on .... but I could not help myself! I started up two more pots and went a little coo-coo! The fourth order was a special request of colors. The customer requested I create combinations of colors for their order ...and best of all said " go nuts!" So I did and I will continue today and all next week, dyeing from my shop, and for orders from others. Yippeee!

The recent Yarn -Of-The-Month fundraiser went very well. I donated the proceeds to The Dachshund Rescue of America. I chose two Doxies to adopt, but my husband pointed out how upset Pirate would get. He is probably right, but maybe I could take one for a "sleep over" and see how Pirate does with it. I think he would enjoy someone his size to play with. Someday I would like a herd of Doxies running around my yard ....someday.


knitmom-wi said...

Your yarns look beautiful, as usual. I was disappointed I couldn't fit a trip to the shop into my trip to Maine in June.

TheaMidnight on Ravelry said...

I've always wanted a dachshund plantation like in 101 Dalmations. I only have 2 right now!