Monday, November 10, 2008

Welcome Sprout

My trip to New York was fun, but also very educational. I was able to see breeds I am familiar with looking quite different than some of the lines here in the northeast. All sheep are beautiful if you ask me, but I eye is aways caught by the stocky, stout, old-style Romney.

I am very happy to have just purchased, Sprout, a beautiful Romney ewe from Louise and Stephen Hessert of Pleasant Valley Farm, here in Cumberland, Maine.

I have drooled over their beautiful Romneys for a few years now, and now am a very proud owner of one. Yesterday I brought Sprout home to our farm to live. This feels like a big step for me. As my old wether Joe ages, I have feared that I would not be able to find another like him. He is the old-style type as well, and his image was in a dream I had of the sheep that would graze the ridge behind my house. His fleece has always been a dream to spin and his disposition, a classic sweet Romney.
Sprout is much like Joe. The Hesserts were kind enough to breed Sprout to their handsome Guy Noir, a gorgeous ram, before she came to us. I am in heaven dreaming of those big, beautiful Romney lambs I will have in the spring!


shortoldlady said...

Sprout is TOO CUTE! Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! -Soxnut

kocasey said...

Hi Kelly, It was nice to meet you last weekend & see all the sheep. They are all so cute & Sprout sure has one heckuva fleece! I will be curious to hear how many pounds when you shear. I am going to enjoy my Babydoll/Angora socks this winter. Check my blog sometime, Happy Holidays! - Kelly

carrie said...

Hello, I just came across your website-it's wonderful. I too raise sheep in maine. My romney ewe's are due in jan. Just thought I would say hello.
Carrie McKie