Saturday, November 22, 2008


BRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Where did this cold come from all of a sudden??

Seems like lately I spend more time thawing my butt out in front of the heater than getting anything accomplished! I have come to the conclusion, that fat does not retain heat...only blubber. I am beginning to wish I could trade my fat for some blubber! Enough about being cold ... I love the change! I like cozing up in my house, in the barn, in my new studio. Ahhhhhh, more tea drinking, pie, hot chocolate, pie, yes you get the picture. :) ....and were does that fat on my butt come from??

The sheep don't seem to mind the cold. They could be in the deeply bedded barn that I took time to make for them, but the prefer to be outside in the cold wind, in the middle of the paddock. Guess I wouldn't mind if I had on wool underwear, leg warmers, sweaters, hats and scarves.

I guess my only complaint is dealing with frozen water buckets. Over the years I have filled water buckets in the kitchen sink and then have made three to four daily treks to the paddocks to freshen water. It is a heck of a job, but I will never allow my animals to go without water. I have seen neglected animals drink and drink when they have been denied fresh breaks my heart. It is also very important for pregnant ewes to always have fresh water available.

I am finding now that my elbows are beginning to show the signs of over use. I carry two full 5 gallon pails at a time ... it balances me. But it looks like I will be carrying less and making more treks. I friend suggested that I use gas cans and wheel them in my wheelbarrow I think that is a great idea. My husband promises me that I will have a snow blower this year as well. Last winter was brutal, and even though I would have rather had water piped to the barn, I'll take what I can get! :)

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