Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August Already???

How did that happen! :)

Our Annual Open House went very well last weekend. We collected lots of dog and cat food as well as $ for the Lincoln County Animal Shelter. Thank you to everyone who donated.

This week has started out as a wash, but ( dare I say it?) the sun is peeking out from time to time after a morning of heavy, steady rain. When I went up tot he barn to feed this morning, I was glad to be the wise -woman who built her barn on the rock. The water was flowing like a river all around, but everyone was safe and dry inside. The outside is another matter. Mud, mud, mud...need I say more. Hopefully the ground will absorb the new rainfall before this weekend.

I did manage to pick many ripe tomatoes before the rain came, as well as acorn squash and cukes. I plan to make my favorite tomato pie this weekend. The squash I eat for breakfast!

Got some more dyeing done this morning while it rained, now the skeins are drying on the deck.

Sheep are in the pasture, dogs are at my feet, kids are at camp... I am headed for some tea and a quick break before I go and pick them up. Time to look over the building plans for the new shop & studio. Today I picked out the windows and paint...looks like we will begin soon, our builder assures me he can be done in one week!

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