Friday, April 30, 2010

The Wool Witch

It is good to be The Wool Witch. Years ago when e-mail was making it's debut, my dad came up with the "woolwitch" as my email address. It suits me perfectly since I live in Woolwich Maine, and I spend my days stirring pots of color and making magic happen to plain white yarns.
My latest "spell" has been cast on a terrific new yarn, just spun my my good friends at Green Mountain Spinnery. This past February, David, the Spinnery owner and my good friend who understands my crazy visions, stopped in and loaded up his car with over 100 lbs of carefully selected fleeces, took them back to the Spinnery in Vermont, and spun them into my favorite Double Twist yarns.

Dave has spun this yarn for me many times before but this time, he lightened the spinning count, and the yarns are much lighter and more of a heavy DK ...or light worsted, whichever you prefer. It screamed "make me into socks!" when I pulled it out of the box ...and I agreed. But I wanted to make this yarn unique, I wanted it to be knit into socks that folks would look at and say "Hey, those are some sweet socks you got there." So out came the dye pots, on went my witch hat and after a little experimenting, a pinch of this and a pinch of that, eye of newt, hair of dog .... well you get the picture, I invented a new way to dye.

I am calling these yarns Sweet Maine Feet Yarns. I hope to see lots of brightly colored socks on many warm, snug feet this fall. They will be just a bit heavier than traditional sock knitters knit, but we Maine folks like to make things rugged and durable. The Down fleeces make this yarn soft and springy and the Longwools make it strong. Of course they would also be great knit up as sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens ....anything you wish to be bright, bold and beautiful!!!

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The WoolWytch! said...

It is good indeed to be the Wool Witch! From one Wytch to another Witch!

As a processor how quickly does Green Mountain Spinnery return fiber? I am looking for a new processor for this fall post Rhinebeck.