Saturday, May 08, 2010

This OPEN HOUSE is for the dogs ..and cats.

It is time for our Annual Spring OPEN HOUSE! Twice a year we hold these events to showcase freshly dyed yarns for the season, to "show off" our spring lambs or beautiful growing fall fleeces, and to help out our local Animal Shelters by collecting dog & cat food at our farm.
We encourage visitors to bring bags and cans of Pedigree Dog Food and Friskies Cat Food when they visit, we in turn will take $5 OFF any purchase from our Yarn Shop and will deliver donations to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter in Edgecomb.
The Mighty Hercules ( pictured above) encourages you to bring a friend. Our goal this year is to fill the back of our Yukon to overflowing.
Please join us on May 15th & 16th from 11-4.

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