Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fat Lambs, Rainy Days and Beautiful Sweaters

This morning the robins chirped and sang during chores. The air is sweet and earthy smelling. My garden is waiting. Inhabited by sheep and goats at the moment, it sits under hay and straw while seeds slumber, awaiting the warmth that will urge them to seek the light. Hercules, Godiva and Athena, looking content and full-bellied, are resting by the barn. The air is damp and rain will drive them in soon.

With so many things to do this summer, I welcome this early spring with open arms. I left off fencing the hill in this past fall as the ground began to freeze and then snow began to fall. The barn needs the last of its siding put on, the rams need to be moved to a summer pen, and the paddocks need fencing repairs.

I cleaned the yarn shop up this weekend, rearranged and restocked, the little building will serve us for a few more months as our yarn shop as we have outgrown it's size and new shop plans are being designed.

I have wanted to share the beautiful work my knitting friends have been turning out, just been so busy here are a few. I'll post more on my website this week.

Mary Bird finished this sweater in record time for me to take to the New England Products Trade Show. The pattern is available in the Interweave Knits Fall 2008 Issue. It is The Mosaic Yoke Jacket by Veronik Avery. I chose some eye-popping colors rather than the traditional browns and whites of these types of sweaters. Nice work Mary! You can read Mary's helpful comments and view other versions of this pattern on this Ravelry page.
Sweater Designer Aloisia Pollock left my house with a bag of my favorite colors and returned, also in record time, with this beautiful sweater, designed and knit by her very talented self. The pattern is available through myself and Aloisia on request. I'll post a "full view" pic on my website.

Becca Huben ( fellow weenier dog mom ) knit two shrugs using two strands held together and size 17 needles. This one is done in Mulberry Red and the other in Navy Blue. You can read about her works in progress on her entertaining blog seek an occasional peek of Jackson here.

I also want to thank Susan Swanson for the great hats and finishing my vest for me ( thanks Sue!!! ....I was so far behind!!!! ) She is also an amazing knitter ( with a great dog ) check her work here. She is ahead of me with posting pictures. :)

The week ahead if full as usual. Mostly paperwork and orders to ship, but a much anticipated day of horseback riding is coming soon!


Sweaters! said...

So cute, who is the white one? Hercules, Godiva or Athena??

ontheround said...

oooh - that shrug is super cutie!