Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Shearing

Do I dare say it? It sure seems like it ...the birds are saying it ... and the pond has no ice ...could it be that Spring has come early? Sam came up from the basement with the Maple Tree spiles ready to tap the trees. Such a cutie.
All of the lambs have been born. Meadow had two beautiful lambs during the wind storm that knocked out power for days, and my gigantic monster-of-a-sheep Martha, who I was sure was carrying twins or triplets, had a single spotted little ewe lamb which we have named Godiva. It has been an interesting year for names. We started with a candy theme and somehow,with the birth of Hercules, switched to Greek Gods. Meadow's new babies are being called Zeus and Athena. Both are good sized solid Romney lambs. Their sturdy legs appear to have leg warmers on. We will be shearing in a week, and boy do we need to get the fleeces off these sheep!
Today I am beginning to clip my Angora goats. Paulie Walnuts is half done and Silvio will be next up on the stand. Such beautiful boys ...such beautiful mohair.


WeekendFarmer said...

Godiva - how cute is that : ) !

Kathy said...

Such cute woolies! How did shearing go?