Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring Yarns

In the dreary, colorless land of Februaryinmaine, if you look hard, you'll find a surprise.

The color palette used by Mother Nature is limited to shades of grey, whites, dark greens, and dirty snow that a color? The brilliant red winter berries that screamed "look at meeeeeee!" this past fall, have been devoured by the birds leaving only bare branches ... no color.

The autumn oak leaves are still hanging on to the trees, but their pumpkin oranges are now dreary, decaying browns. Everything seems so blaaaaaahhhhhhh ...and then I hear him.

At first he is far away. I whistle. He comes closer. "Reveal yourself!" I yell, and whistle again. And then there he is, sitting in the tippy-top branches of the tall pine tree. My friend, the cardinal. The sun is peeking through the clouds and creating a glow around him, he sings his beautiful song and tells me, "Get inspired Kelly!"

I look around me. The plain white ducks, who splashed with joy in the tub of water I set out for them to bathe in, are not plain white, but rather yellow with bright orange feet and beaks. The sheep are not dirty white, but beautiful, rich browns, blacks, whites, even tones of blue are visible in the white fleeces. Look at those beautiful pine needles! Look at the shades of blue in the sky! Look! Look! Look!

And then ...they dye-pot comes out .....look!

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