Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Diggin Out ...again

It was sneaky ...it arrived after I scoffed at the weatherman ...it came later than predicted and hit with brutal force. I do not find it pretty anymore. I do not want to shovel or snow blow anymore. I curse the groundhog. Where is spring?

As frustrated as I am with this latest round of heavy wet snow, I have to thank my lucky stars that everyone/creature is safe. A tree was brought down by the weight of ice and then heavy wet snow. I chill came over me as I looked out the window yesterday morning to see it had fallen into the pony paddock. I did not see movement ...but I also did not see casualties. I quickly pulled on my boots and coat and ran out to asses the damage. The large maple had fallen, missing the pony barn, the ponies, my ram, fences and the power lines. It must have been horribly scary for the animals as we had lost power overnight and no lights were on.

L.T. ran under the tree and enjoyed some comfort from me as well as a nice breakfast. Everyone was safe in the back barn as well.

It feels very small and enclosed when we have these storms. Branches, that have not broken from the weight, are bent to the ground. There is no openness unless I walk up on the hill, and that is pretty much impossible with the snow so deep and crusted. I spent almost two hours yesterday making wide paths with the snow blower, scraping snow from roofs, and digging out gates. I was spent when I came in.

The kiddos enjoyed another day off from school, playing in the snow and building snowmen with the sticky snow. No t.v. no power...just imaginations and board games.

Today the sun is starting to melt the un-needed mess, but it will take more than one day with temps in the 30s to make it all go away, and they are telling us we will have heavy rain by the weekend....YUCK!

Sprout is due to have her lambs soon. I watched her last night as I fed Lyra her last bottle for the evening. She reminds me of Judy in the last stages of pregnancy. We referred to her as the aircraft carrier. Poor thing, she seems so uncomfortable. If I watch closely, I can see movement on he sides. This is an exciting year for me ...I am actually crossing my fingers for ram lambs!

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