Monday, February 16, 2009

Lyra & Pixie

Amazingly two weeks have gone by since Lyra and Pixie arrived. It is a very different lambing season for me this year.

1. Lambing in February.

2. Having only three bred ewes.

3. Having large lambs.

Keep in mind, that my ram is a Babydoll Southdown and his genetics have alot to do with the size of the lambs he helps create. So it is a little surprising that these lambs have such a good size to them. I love their long legs and loins!:)

Pixie has gained 5 lbs since birth and Lyra has gained 8!

Lyra has become a member of the flock now, bouncing around, pesting everyone she can during the day, then snuggling in a safe, warm stall with Katie at night.

Katie was my bottle lamb last year, she has remained small with a loving personality. She wasn't so sure she liked Lyra at first, but now they are chums. All of my sheep are good friends, a tight unit.

Giving my usual breeding ewes the year off has been great for their body conditions. It has been a nice break for me as well. I have had more time to work towards growing my yarn business and have still enjoyed a few babies hoppin' and poppin' around the paddock.

The dyepot is full today....stay tunes for my latest creations!


Anonymous said...

Oh Kelly! What cute lambs you have!

Kelly said...

Thank You! I think so too! :)