Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sledding with a Mastiff

How can one resist these warm days with all this snow!! Of course sledding at our house is a bit dangerous. Not because of the long, sloping, tree-covered hills that require a sledder to be on the top of their game when launching from the top.... no.... it is the Mastiff who thinks you are a ball to catch and pursues you to the bottom.

This is all you'll see before she catches you ... good luck!

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Anonymous said...

Kelly ... yours is the first blog I have ever visited, and I am very impressed with both content and graphic quality. You deserve to be encouraged in your willingness to share your own "farm" experience with others. Folks who are following their own agrarian dream starting out from scratch (like you) and soldiering along alone on their little patch of ground can only be encouraged by your positive approach to this daunting task. Keep celebrating your dream by sharing the journey.

Now ... it is time to feed the donkey.