Friday, December 14, 2007


I am often surprised at what inspires me. In the early morning hours, just before I head out to do chores, I like to stand on the deck and take in the very different world that exists in slight daylight. With the snow on the ground and trees, twinkles of light wink at me all around as the light begins to grow. If I am quiet I can watch the sheep lying in the snow. It is always interesting to see who has chosen who for a sleeping partner.

What touches my heart lately is the sight of my Shetland pony lying down, surrounded by sheep. Do they have early morning meetings in the wee hours? Do they too appreciate the beauty around them ... the silence ... the peace?

I also find "snow piles" interesting. How the tinyest flakes become shape on a branch, looking much like a skeleton on the outside. I hope everyone is enjoying the season as much as I am.
Happy Holidays.

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