Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Barn!

Santa brought me a barn for Christmas! My husband and I worked all Christmas day putting 14 posts in the ground. There is no frost in the ground and we are thankful! Whoda' thought we'd be digging holes on Dec 25th!
I raked, washed water buckets, trimmed wool around eyes, and did other various "springtime" chores on Christmas day. Of course I always go out to the paddock armed with my camera and I took this great picture of Lucy and her daughter Belle ... before I trimmed around Belle's eyes. :)

Also, here is a picture of the beautiful English Mastiff that we adopted. We are soooo blessed to have her. Matilda is one-year-old now, and the perfect guard/family dog. We are just in love with her. Don't ever be afraid to come and visit us, she will welcome you to our farm. What a sweetie.

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Red Sock Mama said...

Not too sure how I got here, just wandering around the 'net, going from interesting thing to interesting thing (it's raining in Butler, PA). I promised Linda Lou a walk between raindrops when I scrolled down the page and found a picture of what could pass for Linda's twin!

My mastiff is a rescue, my best friend and a real sweetie. She's 13 months old and is finally gaining the weight she should have gained this past year.

Good luck with your lovely dog.

Peace, Jan from Butler, PA who is a sock knitter AND a mastiff lover!