Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Recycling Water, Solar Drying & Minimal Packaging PART I

For a few years now I have been thinking about my dyeing methods and how to improve on them. It isn't that I wish to change the colors or even improve on the quality of my work. I am satisfied and confident that I am producing a high quality product, but the amount of fuel I have always thought I needed to heat my water and work with the fiber is not necessary.

Now, that being said, this may not work for everyone. My methods of dyeing are not conventional. I do not "follow the directions on the package" so to speak, but instead I have developed my own methods that accomplish what works for my types of yarns, the amount I dye, my water quality, and my time schedule. In fact there are so many variables that apply to this method, that it may not work for anyone else, but I promised I would post it in hopes it will be helpful to my fellow dyers.

First things first. If your yarn has been spun at a spinning mill. Most likely before the fibers were carded, they were sprayed with a light spinning oil. So before you dye your yarn, you need to remove the oil. For years I used very warm water to dissolve the oil, but I now have found that a diluted basin of cold water in the washing machine works just as well. So ....fill up the basin, add the soap, swish, then add the yarns. Let the yarn soak for 15 minutes, then spin out the load.

more in a bit!:)

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