Monday, July 12, 2010

The Crazies

It is crazy here. I am going to blame it on the heat. Looking back to last summer with the endless rain and wet days, I feel a little guilty complaining. Warm sun and clear sky's have out numbered the soggies. My garden is way ahead of the season, unlike last year as I watched with sadness as my tomatoes "drowned" in the puddles. The new raised beds are saving my back and my time, weeding is a breeze and actually the weeds are much less evasive. Life is good and getting sweeter.

For those of you who make the trek to our farm each year be aware ...this summer you will notice that my yard is a bit more cluttered with woolly beasts, furry friends and feathered foul all running amuck, pooing and eating, sleeping on the front steps, and invading your cars. The chickens have doubled in numbers, Romeo has a new apprentice -Tomday, and then there is Junior, Mister Longlegs himself who truly believes he is still 14 pounds and able to climb on someone's lap.

Have you been here yet? Have you witnessed the chaos of the day when my yarn shop is full of visitors and two goats and one long-legged sheep invite themselves in?Have you been entertained by the countless fluffy Silky hens and their fuzzy chicks, the spotted, the speckled, the cock-a-doodle-doodles???? Have you seen Comet the old grouchy bunny appear from out of nowhere and then disappear just as quickly???? It is crazy here! ...and I love it.
I have been dyeing mostly in the later part of the day sometimes even after supper. The heat from the stove is just too much to bear first thing in the morning. This week I have been focusing on a few upcoming shows. The Harbor Arts Show in Camden is this weekend and the forecast is calling for sunny and hot. The harbor will be a great place to be, overlooking the majestic yachts and smelling the wonderful smells.
It may be crazy ....I may be crazy, but I cannot think of any place I would rather live. Come visit us this summer. And remember Romeo prefers Guinness and Lays Potato Chips!

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