Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Babydoll Bunny ?

Ooooooooo ...I can't stop touching it! It is soft, squishy, lightweight and cozy. I want to wrap myself up in it and take a long nap on the deck. What is it you ask?? It is the new Babydoll/Bunny yarn created by myself and my by good friend Betty of Spinnakees' Farm. Our combined Babydoll Southdown fleeces and Angora Bunny fiber have been spun together into this yummy goodness. Have you ever touched Babydoll Southdown fiber? It is unusual, springy and super soft ...especially on the animal. Once washed and ready to be spun, it's staple makes it best blended with other fibers. We focused on keeping this yarn blended with similar down type fleece, and added just enough of our Corriedale and Cormo to create a smooth flow. Then came the added silky, dreamy fluff of our German Angora rabbits. Though it is spun as a worsted weight, when washed and fulled, it blooms into the appearance of a light bulky weight yarn.

And did I mention the color???? Light, soft grey with flecks of white soft and cozy. What to make first???? Hats, mittens, a nice throw for fall? A cozy Poncho? The possibilities are endless! Can you tell I am excited? This is a limited run so if you'd like a few skeins click here.

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Kathy in KY said...

Hi Kelly, I can't wait to get the yarn. I'll have to decide if I want to make something for someone else or be a yarn hog and keep that luciousness for myself! LOL I think this winter, while I'm holed-up inside, I may try and teach myself to knit. It seems that with knitting you can make many more diverse things than with crocheting, but maybe I'm just not experienced enough at crocheting yet. I'll let you know when it arrives, and I'll probably do a blog post about it, if you don't mind. Thanks, much, take care, from KY.