Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two Feet ...and Counting

Well, after almost two weeks of no snow and adjusting to the cold ... Mom Nature pulled a fast one. It snowed ...and snowed ....and snowed ....stopped this morning ...started again this afternoon. Okay ....I have had enough. I was actually looking forward to the cold and less snow this year. My "crapsman" snow blower stopped doing it's job today. No big surprise as every appliance, weed wacker, chainsaw ...etc. that comes from Sears lasts about one year, then quits. Time to pay them yet another visit with a broken product and demand they replace it.

My woolie wonders actually made themselves paths today after they listened to the choice words I shouted at the snow blower. Guess they figured it was the least they could do as I stood dripping in sweat, red faced with steam rolling out of my ears. Tonight Belle is a deeply bedded jug, fresh warm water and the best hay I have, accompanied with a generous amount of mixed grains and some molasses lick. Here udder is full, but her teats are still not quite giving me the sign that she is ready. This could change overnight though. I am excited, but exhausted from shoveling and lugging water buckets. I would love to see little lambs in the morning, but am happy to wait until the sun is out.


kristi said...

I love the pictures! I too also have many choice remarks for my Sears weedwacker everytime I "attempt" to start it. Best wishes for the start of your lambing season:)

Del said...

I've been watching for your lamb birth announcements. Love to read about life on Romney Ridge.