Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jelly Beans

Well, after a long discussion over breakfast a few days ago, the kids have decided on a theme for naming the lambs this year. There was talk of naming them after rock stars, flowers, and even favorite book characters. Finally a decision was made when I described the two new little lambs that were born on Wednesday as "little black jelly beans". And so ... Jelly and Bean are the first babies born on our farm this year.
A watched pot never boils, yes that is very true. The "pot", my pregnant ewe Belle, presented a water bag Wed morning around 7 a.m. She had spent the night in the jug so there was no chance of her having her lambs in the cold snow. After packing lunches and snacks and sending the kids off to school, I wrapped up in three layers and headed up to the barn to check on her and hopefully see the birth.

Being a first time mom, it is good to see how the lambs present and to listen for the soft talking, a sign of a good mother. I watched and waited as she lay down and got up several times, pawed the ground and had several contractions. This went on for two hours and I began to get cold. So back down to the house I headed for some hot tea and the heat lamp. Sure enough, when I returned ( less than 10 minutes later ), she was standing over lamb #1.

Sprout was very interested in what was happening and steamed up my lens.
Carmella, came over to check things out then .......had a seat nearby and watched the chickens roosting on the stall door.
Martha and the others waited outside the door, but came in to check on progress from time to time.

Finally both babies were here, warm and nursing. Max and I headed back into the house to warm up and clean up. One down, five to go.


Nina said...

Congrats on the new arrivals!

Del said...

I"m sure no matter how many new lambs are born they will all be special. I love how all the other Moms are curious and concerned.

Jim said...

...just thought I'd mention that we have a ewe known as "Jellybean". She was a bottle lamb that's been kept around for her sumptious fleece and because she walks well on a halter -- we use her like a bellwether to "lead" other ewes around ...well, and she does have a winning personality :-)

Anyway, Our Jellybean's FULL name is "Bonanza Jellybean." One of our sons named her after a very sketchy character in a book of questionable repute.

Please keep posting lambing news! We're not missing the chore of lambing this year, but there is a lot of beneficial energy given off by all that new life!