Thursday, October 22, 2009

OOOPS ...almost forgot! :)

Well, how could I forget! Look who followed me home from New York!!!! Meet Paulie Walnuts and Silvio Dante! Two wether Angoras with Texas lines ...where they grow em' big!:)

I walked by their pen several times in Rhinebeck, thinking what nice firm little bodies they had and beautiful horns trouble since they are wethers ( I convinced myself ) small and easy to bring home ....hmmmmm should I get one or two? Well you can't have just one since one gets left behind, so we loaded them up on Sunday and headed back to Maine with two sheep ( belonging to my friends Chrissy and Regina ) and three goats, my boys and a little doe for my friend Betty.

To answer a few questions about my wall hanging, Joe was completely needlefelted using his cap and face wool from this spring's shearing. His face and ears were felted with Babydoll since it is so full and lofty, to create depth.

Uma's face and ears were knit with hand spun wool/mohair yarn, her curls and horns were needle felted, and her nose and mouth were created with stitching yarn.

Mellow Yellow is needle felted from his own clip and his face and ears are crochet. Martha's face and ears are hooked with hand-spun yarn from her fleece (this picture doesn't do it any justice) and her fleece is needle felted on. The last sheep has a woven face and crochet ears.
I'll try and post better pictures this week!


Andrea said...

Thanks for the details. You've got me and my rug hooking friends all excited! I've needle felted roving into a rug, but have never hooked with it the way you did. Can't wait to try. One more question, if you don't mind. What is it hooked on? Burlap, linen? Looks like felt, but I can't figure out how that can be.

Kelly said...

I hooked the face and ears on monks cloth, then sewed it to the felted backing. Then I needlefelted the curls and eyes on. It is a lousy picture ...but you get the idea.:)

Vermont Grand View Farm said...

You are amazingly creative. Thanks for sharing. I love your new boys! What fun!

Kristen said...

Congrats on your new goats! I brought some home from my Rhinebeck trip too...I'm totally loving them, hope you are too.

Those felted sheep portraits are really wonderful. Thanks for the info.