Sunday, September 06, 2009

From Sheep To Sweater

Yesterday was a day I have waited a long time for. For years I have been saying " One of these days I am going to knit myself a sweater from Joe's fleece." Then every spring, I shear and Joe's fleece becomes roving that I spin. Some I sell, and some I have stock piled in my basket of I-will-eventually-get-to-it projects.
This year though, I decide it was time. Joe is getting old, his beautiful silvery fleece came off his old sheep body this spring and revealed a thinner fellow that years past. His teeth are wearing down and he is treated to a soft mash dinner once a day. Now don't worry, I expect a few more good years with him. My husband was working on the barn yesterday and when he crinkled the wrapper of his granola bar, old Joe came running from the other end of the paddock, hopped over a ladder and began begging like a dog for a piece of the yummy surprise that I am sure he thought was for him.

This spring, I needed a few good knitters to turn out some sample knitting for me so I posted my needs on Ravelry. A young lady from Portland responded and within a few weeks had whipped up two samples. WOW!...this girl is talented ...I knew I had found my "Joe Sweater" knitter. We looked at patterns, took a few measurements, and off she went with a 2840 yard cone of Joe yarn.
Saturday, she returned with the most beautifully knit sweater I have ever seen. I chose a pattern that made up into a long swing-coat type sweater. The detail is exquisite, the silvery yarn flows, and has beautiful drape. I can't stop looking at it, showing it off to friends, holding it, wrapping myself up in it! I just LOVE it! Thank you Bristol! Thank you for your beautiful work, and the time you put into this project. Thank you!
And thank you old's to many more seasons of watching you grow that beautiful fleece ... and to many more seasons of you.


Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Beautiful sweater! (And of course I love the pictures of Joe!)

Bristol said...

Well, that made me cry! It was truly an honor. (And I'm nabbing the photos for my Ravelry page, if that's okay!)

MamaLizKnits said...

Aww! It is a beautiful sweater and story about Joe and Bristol and all the knitterly goodness. What a GOOD VIBE sweater you have going on there!

Sheepfreak51 said...

Such a touching story! I love the pattern. Can you tell me the pattern name and author?