Saturday, September 19, 2009


Sometimes I have days when I go in circles, I used to think that I was this great multi-tasker, who accomplished so much in one day, but the reality is I start a lot of things and take three or four more days to actually finish them.
Yesterday I started and completed some very important tasks that I needed to get done, some because the yard was a mess, some because, well, the leaves are turning and the cold will creep up on us before we are ready, and some because I have several deadlines to meet before the end of the month. I started in my humble little barn, mucking out the stalls, and preparing to re-bed them for the winter. Comet, a.k.a. Evil Bunny is free once again to roam the paddocks and raid what is left of my gardens.
Once the barn was mucked out, I pulled down hundreds of dusty cobwebs, packed up the fans, plugged in the emergency lights, and moved the ponys to the front paddock where the run in shelters them from cold November winds and rain.
Then I set up the "boys" side of the barn. All wethers, three of which are still growing, and Angus, whose "beans" have yet to drop therefore making him a ram still, moved to one side where they can have access to plenty of grain and minerals and have less competition for food from the fat piggy ewes. Then it was on to Queen Uma, whose long locks needed to come off before it gets too cold, and they get too long. They fell from my scissors and piled up ion the stand, a beautiful clip!

I did decide to breed two ewes, one out of curiosity and one for saleable lambs. Shirley, Lyra's dam, went in last week, and Annie, my brown Babydoll ewe is in for the rest of the winter. I am tempted to put Millie in as well, as she always gives me such beautiful lambs, but I have a busy spring ahead and two should be enough to lamb out.After barn chores were done, 125 bales of hay were delivered and put in, and I needed to sit down. I sat on the deck and skeined off the latest batch of Wool/Mohair/Angora blend that just came back from the spinnery. My plans were to over-dye the beautiful , light grey yarn, but seeing it in it's natural state, the mohair shimmering in the sunlight, I decided keep it it's true color. It is gorgeous! I'll put it on my website today along with the new shawl pins my potter friend Donna is making.
In two weeks I will be at the Harbor Arts Show in Camden, then off to N.Y. to judge fleeces and win that big ribbon ( that's a poke at my friend Betty! :) ) So the next weeks will keep me busy preparing, dyeing, and creating. The Harbor Arts Show is a beautiful "high-end" show on the waterfront park in Camden - October 3rd and 4th. Hopefully I can focus on the tasks as hand now that my "Sheeple" are all set for cold months ahead.

Maybe I should follow Sam's lead and talk football with Romeo. :)

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