Friday, March 20, 2009

What's Up?

Please bare with me as I go through another one of my " time for a new look" phases. I like to keep things fresh and evolving. :)

Time goes by so fast these days. It seems I was complaining about the cold not too long ago, and yesterday, while raking up in the barn, I was sweating! The slow melt is good, and if we can keep the rain away for a week or so, I may not have the "boot-sucking" mud to deal with much longer.:)

The lambs are growing and thriving. I can't help pulling up my bucket chair each afternoon and watching them. The sun shines on the front of the barn in all afternoon, and they seem to pile up like hound dogs on the porch, basking in it's warmth.

Lyra and Pixie continue to follow me around as I rake or pick up fallen branches each time I am in the paddocks. Winter storms left us with quite a mess this year. Both ewe lambs are friendly as puppies, enjoying my attention. The boys, Mike and Angus, are gorgeous lambs. Beautiful Romneys that I am so happy to have.

My yarn shop has had a make-over. I rearranged shelving and displays to maximize space, and have added new goodies. My latest blend of Romney, Corriedale, Mohair and Angora has dyed up beautifully, and I have taught myself to crochet some great little hats using this yarn. I also started a pair of legwarmers for my daughter ...I used to wear those!:)

I have spoken for a little Angora buck this spring, and I hope to make a trip to pick him up soon. He will be wethered and used just for fleece, then if Queen Uma gives me any babies, my little herd of Angoras will grow. They will have their own new barn and paddocks and work on keeping the saplings from growing.

Chickens arrive soon as well, and seeds will be planted an a few days ....busy, busy, busy.

Life is very good ...if you don't listen to the news.

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