Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let Me Tell You a Tale

NOTE: This post was written Saturday ...

...of broken washing machines, bad coffee, mud, fish chowder, and shearing sheep.
I guess it's true what the song take the good, you take the bad, you put them all together.......

The bad ... my washing machine died with a load of towels...filled to the top with water.
THE GOOD ...( see how I made those letters bigger :) ) my husband is somewhat mechanically inclined and just ordered the new timer.

The bad ...I woke up waaay too early this morning, got up and brewed a pot of coffee that was waaay too weak, but since I cannot waste anything, poured myself a big cup.
THE GOOD: Max jumped up on the couch with me and I spilled most of my big cup all over my lap & laptop. So I had to brew an new pot.

The bad ... MUD ...need I say more?
THE GOOD ...the slow warm up is giving the ground enough time to slowly absorb the water and mud so in another week or so it should get much better around here.

That's it, there is nothing bad about the tasty fish chowder I that is filling the house with a yummy smell. Biscuits with butter and fish chowder for dinner tonight!

....AND let's not forget shearing! My shearer will be here in a few hours, I have locked everyone in the barn to stay dry as it is rather foggy and damp here today. Last night when I brought them in, I stood amidst the munching and made my list. Whites, darks, lamb fleeces, weights for CD&T doses, and scales to weigh fleeces.

I have special projects for some of the wool. Katie and Sam's little fleeces are going to be blended with Uma's mohair and some bunny. I think I will keep it for myself. Old Joe is my all time favorite to hand-spin, so he will become roving. The rest will be decided as I skirt them next week.

And so ends my tale for today. I will leave you with a shot of fully clothed sheep.

In a few hours they will be naked and many pounds lighter ...hmmmmm wouldn't that be sweet if we could do the same! Pictures tomorrow ... of naked sheep.

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