Friday, January 16, 2009


Thankfully the week has come to an end here in freezing-cold Maine. Temps dropped on Tuesday night and continued to fall until we hit 21 below last night. Ole' Mom Nature was good enough to let the winds subside so that the comfort level was a bit better. The sheep take it in stride, but mt heart goes out to the chickens, ducks and ponies who must long for summer sun and warm breezes.

This week was the Maine Agricultural Show in Augusta. The turn out was incredible. We shared our Maine Sheep Breeders Association booth with the Wildlife Services folks. I enjoyed their company, but the poor men must have thought that my jaws were hinged in the middle. I talked to so many people for so long that I should not have a voice today. It is one of my favorite events to be a part of.

Sally made an appearance as well this year and thankfully her head stayed on throughout the many oooooooooohhhs and aaaaaaaaahhhs and touching. She is becoming a bit of a fixture at the Ag Show, as it was requested that she attend watch over our booth.

Udders are beginning to fill on Laverne and Shirley. Shirley seems to be in the lead, and a bit smaller belly-wise, although we know that that does not clue us into how many lambs have taken up residence in her womb. Poor Judy looks like and aircraft carrier a few weeks before she lambs, but always has average sized twins. I am happy to have given her a year off from having babies and nursing, she has grown beautiful fleece and has a healthy weight.

I took my wheel to the show as well, it was nice to spin again. My knitting phase has passed and I am ready to begin spinning up some beautiful hand-spun yarns for the shop this summer. I have a surprise fiber to add to the mix this year which should make for an interesting blend.

Hope you all are staying warm and dreaming of isn't that far away!

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