Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Queen Returns

Yesterday, Queen Uma returned to her kingdom. She left in November to visit with a handsome knight at nearby Spinnakees' Farm.
Though she visited the knight last year, she did not produce any heirs. So, being the mighty queen that she is, she returned for an extended stay.:)

It sure is nice to have her back! With any luck, she is carrying a few little goatie babies for me to love in April.

Here is a little sheep porn. These pregnant girls were "crotched" ( sheared around udders, back legs and vulvas ) last week as it is too cold to completely shear them. This allows me to watch udders grow, keep an eye out for prolapse, and yes ...look at their hoochies.
A few days before lambing, they will look very swollen and almost purple. If the fleece is left on, it is harder to see what is going on down there. It also is very hard for lambs to nurse, especially if the ewes are longwool breeds such as Romneys, Border Leicester, or Leicester Longwools.

These ewes are Columbias, the largest white faced sheep. As I was feeding them tonight, I checked them for lice. I did not see any, but I was ooooooing and ahhhhhhing over their fine, white fleeces.

Oh my gosh....where did he come from? Well .... that is what I said to my husband when he discovered this bunny in the basement last night. :)

My good friend Betty Stover gave him to me yesterday. If you are looking for a beautiful German Angora, you must talk to Betty of Spinnakees' Farm.
This beauty tentatively named Mellow Yellow by my daughter, is almost ready to be clipped. He will blend nicely with Alice, my grey Angora.

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