Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring IS In The Air!

Her are "The Girls" enjoying the sun in the garden today. I shooed them away several times and then just gave up. They so enjoyed their dust bath.

We should see some lambs this weekend. Today I hooked up the baby monitor. It is so nice to hear "baaaas" in my kitchen while I am cooking dinner. Of course Minnie Guinea is a bit annoying with her non-stop "buckwheat...buckwheat ... buckwheat..." but I have learned to tune her out. She is the only surviving guinea hen on our farm. I felt sorry for her when the fox got her friend, and the chickens would not accept her into the group, but she seems right at home scooting around the sheep and pony.


Anonymous said...

Spring!? Dust Baths?! We have about 4 feet of snow to melt here in VT before our hens can enjoy a dust bath. Right now, they are enjoying the ever growing pile of old bedding from the barn. Please send spring to us!!

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