Sunday, March 16, 2008


I took this picture on the morning we sheared. I just love how Lady Bug, our pony, fits so nicley into the group.

This afternoon I will muck out the barn ( though I have to admit, I have done well keeping up with it this year ) and prepare my lambing stalls. No more camping out in them once they are clean. The first lambs should start arriving on March 29th ... my birthday!! Guess that means I will have to keep at least one ... or two ...

I actually am planning on keeping at least one. I am so pleased with Blizzard's fleece. Her mom is Madeline, a Correidale, and her dad is Joker, a Babydoll Southdown ram. The combination of the two breeds creates a wonderful fleece as well as a sweet, smaller sheep. So I may keep Madeline's lamb again this year.

So I am anxiously waiting, watching, and reading, it is good to keep lambing procedures fresh in your mind for when the big day arrives.

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