Sunday, June 24, 2007

They are growing up...sigh

This morning it was clear and dry, so I sat in the paddocks with my camera. I find that peace with my woolies especially soothing on a Sunday morning. Perhaps it is the biblical link of "lamb and God " or perhaps it is because the usual hum of traffic on Rte 1 is somewhat non- existent in the wee hours.

Here are Marigold - now 6 weeks, and Moon Pie - now 10 weeks. Moon Pie has kept his terrific spots, and Marigold is exhibiting a great Babydoll beard. I am so enjoying watching them grow and learn more and more that they can trust me. Eventually I will become to them a fellow sheep in the paddock. Like the older sheep they will know me as friend.

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Alotta.knittin said...

I'm so glad I found your site! Found you on the mystery shawl 3 blog and saw that you are in Maine. I'm leaving on Sunday for two weeks in Harborside ME and wondered if Harborside and Woolwich are close enough for a visit. 3 hours. I hope I can make the trip! Can't wait to see your woolies and your yarn. Great colors!